Domestic Pressings - Wet Mop Sockets, Clips and Plates

Domestic Pressings

We manufacture and supply high volume pressings and assemblies for the leading Bathroom specialists in the UK and Europe. These components are utilised in the fitting of Baths, Shower Trays, Sinks, Cisterns and Toilets.

In addition to this we have for some years been the UK’s leading manufacturer of the traditional Wet Mop Sockets, Clips and Plates. The Sockets are produced in two different sizes, “Light Metric” and “Medium Metric” and the Band and Split Clips used to hold the yarn to the socket, are available in various lengths, gauges and materials.

We also make pressed wire links used in the “Squeeze” Foam Head Mops; these pressings are supplied to two of the UK’s leading high street brand names associated with this type of floor mop.

Another sector of the domestic market we supply is Hygiene Disposal. Here we manufacture welded stainless steel assemblies which are fitted into disposal bins and units. These units can be found in Hospitals, Supermarkets, Shops, Public Houses and Factories, throughout the UK, Europe, North America and Canada.

Other areas of the domestic market that we supply include, Door Manufacturers, Diving Equipment, Stair Lifts, Television/Audio Display, Washing Machines, Fridges/Freezers and Vacuum Cleaners.